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      MKM is a leading European producer of formats and semis from copper and copper alloys.

      MKM supplies demanding customers from a wide range of industries with customised products from an integrated production.
As an enterprise with 100 years of tradition, today MKM stands for innovative technology and customer oriented service concepts. We proudly present our company and our products on the following pages.

      The quality of the products occupies a position of great importance at MKM. The company can guarantee and constantly improve our reliability by using the latest manufacturing technology, highly developed testing mechanisms and a quality management system that matches DIN EN standards.
The quality of copper semi-finished products directly affects the productivity in further processing the products and their environmental suitability. Therefore quality plays a pivotal role in MKM's company philosophy.

      MKM has created the foundation for consistently high product quality by using our new continuous high-performance plant. This technology is subject to fewer breakdowns and works with highly-developed control and in-line testing equipment.

      Various on-site testing bays are also situated right next to the manufacturing area. The highly modern central laboratory with its metallography, mechanical and chemical departments ensures that all our customers' needs are met. This means that it is possible to analyse metal surfaces using scanning electron microscopy or track down trace elements in the ppm range using emission spectroscopy.

      The quality management system f MKM deals with reliability in the widest sense of the word and includes business processes, manufacturing and products to an equal degree. Continual improvements and providing regular training for employees are vital elements in the system.

      MKM has been continually certified by well-known companies since 1993. The company was awarded the DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 certification in 2002. In addition, a series of special licences for specific products were obtained, e.g. from Germanischer Lloyd, KIWA, AENOR, AFNOR, or TάV.

      For 800 years copper has been mined and processed in the Mansfelder County. While the 20th century brought many dramatic changes for MKM, copper products from Hettstedt have now regained their former market position. With the most modern plant in the world, MKM is one of the leading companies in Europe in its field.

1199 – Discovery of copper slate deposits in Hettstedt.
1536 – The count of mansfeld runs 15 copper and silver huts and 95 smelters and exports all over Europe.
1909 – Inauguration of the copper semi products factory.
1927 – MKM is a founding member of the DKI (German Copper Development Association)
1948 – Nationalisation and transformation into VEB Walzwerk Hettstedt (8 000 employees)
1990 – Copper mines are closed.
1995 – Privatisation and sales to the belgian Lamitref Industries.
1996 – 2001 – Complete modernisation and investment of 300 Mio Euro in breakthrough technology.
2000 – 2004 - MKM optimizes its plants and regains its former market position
2004 – Takeover by Kazakhmys - a copper mining group.



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