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Samara is the centre of Samara region. Samara is situated in 1098 km (682,2 miles) to the east of Moscow on the left bank of Volga river (Saratov reservoir). The population of Samara is 1208, 3 thousand people (1996; the second place after Nizhniy Novgorod in the Volga region).

    Samara is a big industrial, scientific and cultural centre of Russian Federation. It has a powerful industrial potential, it is a key industrial centre of the Volga region.

    Industry is the key branch of Samara region economy. Over 137 000 people work at industrial enterprises of the city. It is about 40% of employed people in Samara.

    Heavy industry takes the main place in Samara (77%). Machine-building system is represented by aerospace, electrotechnical and cable industry, equipment for petroleum production, building and agriculture.

    Samara has an advantageous geographical location. The main communications through-passing Samara connect the European part of Russia with Ural, Siberia, the Far East and Central Asia. This geographical location helps to cooperate successfully both with the most of Russian enterprises and with enterprises of CIS.

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